Over 50+ flavors including soft serve, come explore the options that will satisfy your ice cream craving!

McCool's Ice Cream Flavors

Award Winning Chocolate

Our original recipe of rich chocolate ice cream, exploding with rich chocolate.

Banana Pudding

Premium Banana ice cream with marshmallow swirl and vanilla wafer cookie pieces.

Better Brownie Batter

Luxurious brownie batter ice cream with rich, fudge swirls, and loaded with bits of real brownies.

Cappuccino Crunch

Coffee ice cream with a dark chocolate spiral and toffee pieces.

Chocolate Extreme

Rich and extreme dark chocolate ice cream.

Cookie Doughlicious

Delicious vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate chip flakes and chunks of cookie dough.

Peanut Butter Cookies and Cream

Super creamy vanilla ice cream, swirled with thick peanut butter and stuffed with cream filled chocolate cookie pieces.


Rich creamy coffee ice cream.

Midnight Caramel River

Creamy golden vanilla and dark chocolate ice cream flooded with a thick caramel swirl.

Milk & Cookies (Cookies and Creme)

Creamy vanilla ice cream with loads of cream filled cookie chunks.

Minty Mint Chip

Minty ice cream showered with rich chocolate flakes.

Vanilla Moose Tracks

Creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with tons of peanut butter cups, swirled in rich Denali Moose Tracks fudge.

Nuts About Pecans

Fresh, hand-roasted pecans packed in a buttery ice cream.

Strawberry Fields

Creamy strawberry ice cream filled with chunks of strawberries.

Chocolate Chip

Creamy vanilla ice cream exploding with rich chocolate chips.

Vanilla Volcano

A river of vanilla beans flowing in rich creamy vanilla ice cream.

Birthday Cake

Cake flavored ice cream with whipped cream spiral and confetti cake pieces.

Black Cherry

Premium black cherry ice cream with bing cherries.

Chocolate Marshmallow

Premium chocolate ice cream with swirls of marshmallow sauce.

Chocolate Moose Tracks

Denali Moose Tracks fudge and tons of mini peanut butter cups swirled through chocolate ice cream.

Coconut Chocolate Almond

Coconut Ice Cream with chocolate chips and roasted almonds.

Coffeehouse Cookies & Cream

Our delicious coffee ice cream loaded with cream filled chocolate cookie pieces.

Cotton Candy

Pink and blue colored ice cream with cotton candy flavor.

Crazy Vanilla

Red, yellow and blue vanilla ice cream.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Delicious dark chocolate ice cream with tasty raspberry flavored swirls and chocolate flakes.

Graham Central Station

Graham flavored ice cream with a crunchy graham cracker swirl and chocolate covered honeycomb candies.

Mint Moose Tracks

Cool mint ice cream loaded with mint cups and famous Moose Tracks Fudge.

Orange Blossom (Summer )

Premium vanilla ice cream swirled with orange sherbet.

Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate ice cream swirled with peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Twist

Vanilla ice cream swirled with peanut butter.

Peppermint Stick (seasonal)

Peppermint ice cream with chunks of red and green mint candy.


Premium pistachio ice cream with roasted pistachios.


Bright yellow vanilla ice cream with hot pink and blue sugar cookie gems.

Pumpkin (seasonal)

Pumpkin flavored ice cream with spices.


Ice cream flavored with raspberry puree.

Rum Raisin

Rum raisins in rum flavored ice cream.

Salty Caramel Truffle

Sweet & salty caramel sauce is swirled into caramel ice cream & packed with tasty chocolate caramel truffles.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake ice cream swirled with strawberry sauce and cheesecake pieces

Orange Sherbet

Tangy, refreshing orange sherbet.

Moose Tracks (NSA)

No sugar added vanilla ice cream, sugar-free peanut butter cups & swirls of no sugar added Moose Tracks fudge.

Lemon Sorbet

Refreshing and fruity lemon sorbet.

Raspberry Sorbet

Smooth fruity raspberry sorbet.

Oatmeal Cookie Craving

Silky brown sugar cinnamon ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate flakes, and delicious oatmeal cookie crumbles.

Cold-Brewed Caramocha

Cold-brewed coffee ice cream, fudge and ribbons of smooth rich salted caramel .

Key Lime Pie (Summer Only)

Lime mousse ice cream swirled with lime and whipped cream ribbons and graham cracker chunks

Mango Ice

Fruity mango water ice

Rainbow Ice

Cherry, Lemon and Blue Raspberry water ice.

Lil Blue Panda

Blue and white sugar cookie ice cream twisted together with tons of oreo cookies scattered though it

(Non dairy) Oat based Chocolate Chunk

Real chocolate chunks in a chocolate, small-batch, Oatmilk based, non-dairy frozen dessert.

(Non dairy) Oat based Cookie Craving

Cream filled cookie chunks in a small-batch, Oatmilk based, non-dairy frozen dessert.